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Are Razer Mice Worth It? Maybe Not…

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Most of us know Razer because of their glowing RGB and often expensive products, but what does a real user of Razer mice think about the brand? Are these high price tags really justified?

Are Razer mice worth it? Razer mice are worth it because of their top-notch build quality and overall performance in-game.

You are paying a premium for the brand but speaking from personal experience they haven’t let me down yet and I have bought three more of their products just in the last year.

Prices can vary greatly on Razer mice, and depending on what games you play that can dictate greatly how much you need to spend.

You might be able to save more than $100 on your mouse if you keep reading.

Are Razer Mice Worth It?

There are no two ways around it, Razer mice can without a doubt be super expensive. However, when you buy from Razer you are buying more than just a glowing logo on the cover of your mouse.

With Razer, you are buying a product with a fantastic build quality that can greatly improve your performance in-game (I know it did for me)!

Before I bought a Razer mouse I was looking for a good deal on cheap mice that would later break amounting to much more than what I spent on my current Razer mouse.

Just because you are looking for a good gaming mouse from Razer that doesn’t mean you have to buy their most expensive product.

I have found great enjoyment out of some of their least expensive mice! Although the highest-end of their line is impressive, I didn’t think I really needed all the gadgets and gizmos for the cost.

What I like most about Razer products though is the feel of a product built from good quality materials.

In many cheaper products, you can feel why the mouse is cheap. It may not feel durable, or the side buttons are kind of wobbly, it can leave you wondering why you didn’t spend a little more to get a better experience.

Now to level out my opinion on why Razer mice are worth it, let’s see for whom and why Razer mice are not worth it.

Why Razer Mice May Not Be Worth It?

If you aren’t planning on competitive gaming and/or don’t have a whole ton of money to spend Razer mice may not be for you.

As we mentioned above, with Razer you are typically getting a fantastic quality product from a reputable brand.

However, if you are a casual gamer on a budget the Razer mice may not be worth it.

In that case, I would direct you towards a brand such as RedDragon who has plenty of budget-friendly mice that are of good quality.

Still, in the end, I would still urge you to consider saving just a smidge more to pay the premium for a brand like Razer that can provide you a product that feels fantastic!

Below, we will lead into what you should look for when buying mice for different types of gamers and maybe even save you a good amount of cash.

A Broad Look At Razer Mice

High-Quality Switches

The click is satisfying on Razer mice, and recently they have even been upping their game with the new optical switches on the Razer Viper (link to Amazon).

Optical switches are going to make the response time for every click even faster than before using infrared beams.

I know that the difference with keyboards can be quite noticeable but it should be fun to see how this impacts gamers moving forward and the overall Razer lineup.

Outside of the latest and greatest, there are the tried and true mechanical switches that are a fantastic, safe choice.

They provide me a nice satisfying click that isn’t too loud, while still being great for quick clicks and fast reactions in the fps games I play.

Many Mice With High DPI Capability

This isn’t super important as I haven’t known a single person who uses a DPI over 4000 but high DPI is something many Razer mice provide.

DPI is a fancy way of saying Dots Per Inch which, at the risk of making very jargon-heavy enthusiasts angry, is basically a setting you can modify to increase or decrease your mouse sensitivity.

Personally, I use around 600 DPI for gaming as it feels like a nice balance between quick movement and precise aim.

As a buyer, I wouldn’t get too hung up on this feature as most of the time it is an impressive number you likely won’t get anywhere close to using.

Great Wireless Options

I love wireless mice because I often have way too much on my desk and try to keep the surface area cable-free.

Last year, I purchased one of the Razer Basilisk wireless mice and couldn’t be happier with the performance for both a gaming and wireless mouse.

I have gotten wireless mice in the bast that weren’t accurate or felt cheap but this mouse wasn’t anything like that.

The nice thing about the HyperSpeed X model was it had the shape and performance of the high-end model without the HUGE price tag.

You don’t get much more with the Basilisk Ultimate, the biggest feature is having a built-in battery that you can charge with a cable rather than using your own batteries.

Personally, I would rather buy a 4-pack of rechargeable batteries and buy a new keyboard or headset with the extra cash.

What Should I Be Looking For In a Gaming Mouse?

For me, it comes down to three main factors: longevity, performance, and build quality. I will also include how some of these impact comfort and why that can be very important.

Getting A Mouse That Is The Right Fit

Much like shoes or any other type of clothing you need to get the right size and shape of mouse that allows you to comfortably use it.

However, most people will have their own personal preference as to what feels right. For me, I don’t enjoy ambidextrous mice and would rather use a mouse with a curve that suits right-handed people.

Trust me when I say it will bug you like CRAZY if you don’t get a mouse that sits comfortably in your hand with your grip.

Identifying what your mouse grip is can be super important in finding the perfect mouse. Thankfully, this helpful guide is here to identify the most popular grips amongst the gaming community.

Finding the most comfortable grip or just finding your own personal shape preference can be tough for new PC players to do online.

For that reason, I recommend first-time PC players go to a local store that has a selection of mice you are interested in and giving them a try.

A good note here is to choose a store that actually allows you to or has demo products for you to try out.

Great Performance and Accuracy

Most of the Razer mice I’ve tried in recent years have had fantastic performance in-game. But quality performance isn’t always guaranteed so you should always dig for more information.

Something I like to do before buying any product is search Reddit and Youtube for some actual user experience to get an in-depth breakdown of what the product is like.

You want a mouse with precise tracking as it will mean more of your mouse movements will track accurately in game.

The ultimate goal is having a mouse with 1:1 tracking, but only a select few companies have been able to accomplish this.

Buying A Mouse That Lasts

This is something that is hard to gauge on a general basis and you will have to do some digging yourself to see what owners of this product have experienced.

Speaking from my own experience, I have been using my current mouse for about 6 months now with no issues.

Most people are going to buy a gaming mouse and stick with it for years, so make sure you choose one that will hold up as time goes on.

In my research and from what I have heard other gamers say the DeathAdder is a very reliable mouse from the Razer lineup that has been known to last many buyers several years.

So Which Razer Mouse Should You Get? My Own Experience

the Razer Basilisk image 4
My Razer Basilisk HyperSpeed X Mouse!

My favorite mouse to date is the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed. This is a great mouse at a great price point for those of you that want an affordable, great performing wireless gaming mouse.

There are no RGB fancy lights or standout physical features, but it performs great and keeps my desk clear of cables.

I use this mouse primarily for FPS gaming because that is the genre I spend most of my free time enjoying.

Razer Basilisk HyperSpeed X MouseFeatures:
Max DPIUp To 16,000
Switch DurabilityUp To 50 Million Clicks
Sensor5G Optical Sensor
Weight108 Grams
Unique FeatureWireless
Just a quick breakdown of some key points on the Razer Basilisk HyperSpeed X.

Both in casual and more competitive game modes I was able to top the leaderboard while feeling comfortable.

The curve of this mouse makes it only for right-handed people but for me that is much more comfortable for competitive formats.

I am able to really hug the mouse without constantly readjusting or generally feeling uncomfortable.

It feels just like a regular wired gaming mouse as far as response speeds as well. The optical sensor tracks my movement flawlessly and the mechanical clicks are very responsive as well.

It isn’t a very loud mouse either which I personally prefer. The click is definitely audible but doesn’t sound as loud as some of my previous mice.

If you are interested in getting a great overall wireless mouse, check out the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed (link to Amazon).

Best Razer Mouse For Casual Gamers

With that being said for most casual gamers if you just need a good mouse for no specific genre I recommend getting something like the DeathAdder Essential.

With this you get a max DPI of 6400, the mechanical switches are rated up to 10 million clicks and it has the Razer 2 year warranty just in case something goes wrong.

There are only 2 programmable buttons on the side of this model, so if you are an MMO focused player stay tuned for your personal recommendation.

If you want the latest price and get more details on this mouse check out the DeathAdder Essential (link to Amazon).

Best Razer Mouse For Competitive Gamers

For competitive gamers, I would recommend going with a more lightweight mouse such as the Razer Viper.

It weighs in at 69 grams, which is fantastic for a gaming mouse. Below we have included a table that compares the weight of the 4 products included in this article.

Naga TrinityBasilisk X HyperSpeedDeathAdder EssentialViper (Wired)
120 Grams108 GramsAbout 96 Grams69 Grams
The weight of the 4 Razer mice in this article compared.

The nice thing about the Viper is that it also features a drag-free cord that puts less friction into your flicks.

Of course, there is also the optical sensor that has impressively accurate tracking so every small move is registered and the optical switches for even faster clicks that we talked about earlier.

For the latest pricing and more details on this mouse check out the Razer Viper (link to Amazon).

Best Razer Mouse For MMOs

Buttons…If you play MMOs that’s the main feature you need from a mouse and there is one mouse in the Razer lineup that is perfect for you.

That is the Razer Naga Trinity, that comes with three interchangeable side plates with 12 buttons, 7 buttons, and 2 buttons.

It is capable of reaching up to 16,000 DPI, not like you will need that much in an MMO because it isn’t as much of a reaction based game as an FPS.

The mechanical switches are rated up to 50 Million clicks as well which is great. The one thing that stands out to me is that this is a pretty big mouse so if you have smaller hands that could be an issue.

For more information and the latest pricing, check out the Razer Naga Trinity (link to Amazon).


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